Functional Micro Apartment: A Creative Minimalist Space for Urban Dwellers

To prove that, sometimes, less is more; designer Szymon Hanczar has established this new re-designing effort of a micro 13-square meter apartment into a cozy minimal living space in the Polish city of Wroclaw.

The micro apartment cleverly features a double bed built over top of both a tiny functional kitchen and a separate bathroom.

The front of the compact vertical structure also has built-in cabinets, and a sliding ladder can be moved to grant access to the storage space.

Besides functionality, Hanczar also did not forget to creatively design this tiny space with touches of authenticity. White walls and lightly colored wooden floors add an eye-pleasing light to the room; a hammock near the window creates a perfect area for relaxation. It feels like a real mini masterpiece in front of our eyes.

Most impressively, a wooden wall shelf acts both as bike storage, as well as a decorative centerpiece of the room. Hence, bike lovers wouldn’t be worried on how to store their beloved baby bicycle in such mini spaces more.

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