Riding into New Zealand’s history books: The Sunday Best Ride, Auckland

What do you get if you combine pedal power with some vintage glamour, and a leisurely grand tour of Auckland? One sweet ride – meet the Sunday Best Ride.

On Sunday 4 October 2015 we made New Zealand history with the Sunday Best Ride – the first event of its kind in New Zealand.

Celebrating the golden age of cycling

The idea behind the Sunday Best Ride is pretty simple – to celebrate the golden age of cycling as bike culture blooms once again across Auckland.

It’s about bringing some fun and frivolity into this two-wheeled pastime. It’s about dressing up, and bringing cycling enthusiasts from across Auckland together to share the joy of cycling, as we recapture its glamour.

On the day

Almost 200 keen cyclists joined us on our 15km shared marshalled ride through Auckland.

With our picnics packed, our Sunday best donned, and our classic vintage bicycles shined, the bike ride was a glorious tribute to cycling. We even brought along some classic bikes for people’s use, if they didn’t have their own.

We took a leisurely grand tour of Auckland, beginning in Auckland Domain and ending in Parnell Rose Gardens. Our route meandered through Ponsonby and down to the waterfront, with plenty of rest (and selfie-Instagramming) stops along the way.

To ensure the bike ride went off in style, we were kept well refreshed and entertained with coffee, cakes and tunes at the Domain and Rose Gardens.

Take a look at some of the amazing photos from the ride over on the Sunday Best Ride Facebook page.

The masterminds behind the Sunday Best Ride

The Sunday Best Ride was created and organised by some local cycling associations, including:

  • CAA (Cycle Action Auckland)

  • Tweed Run Auckland

  • Frocks On Bikes

  • LBNZ (Us)

A huge thanks is due to Auckland Transport too, who helped with sponsoring – like hiring the Parnell Rose Gardens as our finishing point, etc.

Next time

The Sunday Best Ride was such a success, we want to do it again next year and the next and the next – keep an eye on our blog and also the Sunday Best Ride website and facebook page, and we’ll let you know when it’s coming back.

In the meantime, there are some pretty exciting biking events planned for Auckland, like this December’s Bike Rave. Join us as we celebrate cycling as a fun, safe, sustainable alternative to four wheels in Auckland – and beyond.

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