Safe + Sound - The Newest Headphones Invention for Cyclists

Despite the dangerous nature of the action, it seems that the temptation of as riding a bike as listening to music is somewhat irresistible for a lot of cycling commuters. However, with the invention of Safe + Sound: the Modular Bone Conduction Headphones, it is hoped that the riding culture will be improved for cyclists in the future.

Based on the idea of providing a safer listening and riding culture for cyclists, MA graduate Gemma Roper at the Royal College of Art has came up with a new special design of headphones for cyclists- the Safe + Sound.

This is a pair of modular headphones using bone conduction audio.

A special feature of this device is that it can be clipped onto the straps of any type of cycling helmets. The audio is then sent through rider’s cheekbone, leaving their ears free to hear the road.

The device can be clipped onto the straps of cycling helmets.

This feature helps reducing distractions from loud music. It helps cyclists to be able to listen to their favourite music while riding yet still be able to manage well during traffic.

Moreover, when not cycling, the modules slot into an earpad for more immersive listening. Hence it can also act as a cool and normal pair of headphones for your taste.

When not cycling, Safe + Sound can be slotted into earpads and acts as a normal headphones.

Can be easily assembled and attach to your helmets or earpads.

Source: fastcodedesign, gemmaroper

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