LBNZ bike workshop seeking for workshop partner

We are now seeking for a workshop partner to take care of our bike workshop. Please throw your CV to us!

Don't know who we are and what we do? Here is a short article about our history.

If you got to know LBNZ company from the very beginning, you will remember our LBNZ was just a single speed & fixed gear club in Auckland back to the year of 2013.

In mid 2012, Lois sold her internet company and came back to New Zealand working part timely as course coordinator at Auckland University. Soon she realised that there was just too little people riding bikes here and most of the bikes selling at bike shops are sports bikes. As a crazy urban rider from the bottom of heart, she started to build city bikes for friends at home, using her basic knowledge of bikes gained from previous experiences when working with some bike industry guys in China.

The little black kitten has always taken part in the bike build. (well, now she has become a big fatty lady)

The club grew quietly but quickly from just Lois to 50+ urban riders in the first two months. Although the bike path in Auckland was such bad but it didn’t stop us from mashing the streets in the dark, no matter wether it’s a short ride from city heading to Mission Bay and back to hang out with some ice cream and drinks, or ride straight up to top of one tree hill for a glance of the whole Auckland city, or a crazy early morning sunrise ride towards Auckland airport along the only few bike path close to motorway, we made them all.

One of interviews about our club ride for local magazine.

We used to light up Auckland street, but we've been lazy since when...?

And it was not until early 2013, six months later after the club been found, we decided to bring some of our own bikes to New Zealand. Lois approached her business partner starting to manufacture their own bikes in the factory and later on some other urban solution products to bring people an easy and comfort urban life.

Lois set up a real workshop after 6 months receiving too many orders that made her house full of bikes.

We want to make sure that our urban products are beautiful, reliable and affordable for everyone. And we believe that a good urban bike should be light, easy to maintain, basket and back rack attachable, beautiful on design, and of course with an affordable price.

We sponsored Bike Rave Auckland and organised some other cool bike events with Auckland Transport and Bike Auckland Association such as Sunday Best Ride, etc, represented as LBNZ, not anymore just the club.

Well, we’re not telling our brand story here but the main point is, we're expanding and we need you to join us! If what we do inspired you, welcome to grab a coffee with us and throw some ideas around.

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